Accesa brings a new learning opportunity for those of you who are truly passionate about IT. You are invited to discover Accesa Start a mentorship program addressed to 2nd and 3rd-year college students.

Dedicated specialists from Accesa will help you plan, build and run your own project through a series of workshops. Accesa Start covers the needs of a full-stack, single page app by studying both Web API for the back end and AngularJS for the front end in order to prepare the next web development specialists.


Why should you apply?
You will be gaining practical experience in web development and, since the program is a competition and learning experience at the same time, you’ll get the chance to win some awesome gadgets and Accesa as a partner in your future development.


If you’re eager to go the extra mile in achieving the best skills you’ll need in an IT career, make sure you apply here, until 30th of October.


Accesa Team

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