Which students are the best programmers in the world?

It’s an important subject and sensitive among students from all over the world because of course every student wants to be the best. This depends a lot on the University on which the students study that’s why CodinGame choose to test that.

Based on a simple test consisting of many tasks (puzzles, games, optimization problems) 10 students were chosen from each University from the world and an average of the best 5 students results was made.

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca positioning itself on the 13-th place in the world positioning the young romanian programmers among the best in the world.

The results of the test show that not only the elite Universities have the best programming students, it’s important for you as a student to have enough motivation and passion so that you can manage to learn alone to program.

That’s why the online platforms start to become more and more attractive and searched among students. The reason for that is because they are free, detailed and they cover a wide range of programming languages and they are very good for you if you want to start an individual project and learn by yourself.

In the future these platforms prepare and help you for your next job or career that you desire. Being a student at Technical University of  Cluj – Napoca brings a lot of opportunities to get a job or an internship on which you can benefit. JobShop® 2017 comes to help gather a lot of IT companies giving you the chance to start you career as a programmer.

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