A whole week of FREE trainings

BEST Training Week is an educational event that consists of free workshops and trainings which have the goal of helping students develop from and academical but also personal point of view. 

Get your soft skills to the next level!

We know that one of the biggest challenges we face is to make ourselves understood. To express our ideas efficiently and to work well inside a team. 

That is why we organise trainings with experts in fields like: leadership, emotional intelligence, public speaking, self-esteem etc. 

Ain't no skill hard enough for us!

Sometimes, making the first steps into a new field might be confusing. That is why, having someone guiding you is essential. Ever wanted to know more about marketing, design, photography or many more? We've got a training just for you!

Ideas now success tommorow - INST

We want to make it easier for students, teachers and company representatives to communicate and share between them their ideas and needs. That is why we created an event, which addresses different topics, just for that!

About BTW

Sounds good to you?

We can't wait to meet you at the amazing training sessions we prepared for you!

PS: The event is also a great place to meet new people that enjoy learning as much as you do!

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