BEST Training Week (BTW) is the biggest training event for Technical University students. BTW is organized by BEST Cluj-Napoca members and is becoming a major complementary education event.

What is complementary education? It’s specific information, technical and non-technical, which complements education offered by universities. Specifically, a technical training, such as Web Design, will teach you the basics to create a web page, and a “soft skills” training will help you develop your leadership skills, teach you to manage a project, or to better organize your time. All of these are a great opportunity for anyone interested in personal development or learning new things. Additionally, it’s a great occasion to meet like-minded people.

Even if you have participated in the past, you’re welcome, since you can always learn something new. The trainings are completely free of charge.

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BTW 2017

  • 738 de aplicații
  • 334 participanți
  • 19 sesiuni de training + "Cafeneaua inginerului"
  • 8 traininguri tehnice
  • 11 traininguri soft skills
  • 4 companii

BTW 2016

  • 324 de aplicații
  • 290 de participanți
  • 17 sesiuni de training + "Ideas now, success later"
  • 10 traininguri tehnice
  • 7 traininguri soft skills
  • 3 companii