BEST Courses

BEST offers short-term courses which allow participant students do develop from a technical point of view in their field of study, in a new academic environment, or develop skills that help them in their future career, such as leadership, facilitation, project management etc. There are two sorts of courses: basic and advanced. While they share experiences with students from other cultures and enrich their soft-skills, participants have the opportunity to also expand on the education gained in university.

Through BEST courses, engineering students can mature in various disciplines. The international environment helps them see cultural diversity in such a way that they are able to move past said differences.

These courses take place during the 4 seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter, in 96 universities across Europe. Also, there are a few types of courses: technological, career-related and applied engineering.

In a nutshell, if you take part in such a course you will attend:

  • Company visits, research facilities and production lines
  • Case studies
  • Engaging courses which cover multiple fields in engineering, economics, marketing and management
  • ECTS credits that can be accepted by your university