Promoting season courses

The “BUZZ” is a freely distributed booklet made by BEST Cluj-Napoca to students of The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca which can come out in 4 copies: SpringBUZZ, SummerBUZZ, AutumnBUZZ and WinterBUZZ.

Its main goal is to promote the academic and non-academic courses organized by BEST in each season across Europe and for technical universities’ students. Through this booklet, students also gain knowledge regarding other events BEST Cluj-Napoca organizes such as: engineering competitions, training sessions and career events.

The BUZZ, the primary promotional tool of the season courses is distributed to students by member of the Local BEST Group in student campuses and in the main buildings of the faculties of The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. These project has proven to be a sounding success, as seen by the increase students who apply for these activates, aiding in this way complementary education and giving the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment.

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